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ADB exec says PH obsession to produce own rice like basketball frenzy

People should stop forcing it.

People should stop forcing it.

Dr. Fermin Adriano, a member of the Asian Development Bank advisory council, warned yet again how the Philippines is setting itself up for failure as it continues to force being self-sufficient in terms of rice supply.

The country isn’t actually built to just plant rice, and should diversify crops so that farmers don’t die of hunger and poverty. To simplify his argument, he drew parallels with Pinoy obsession with basketball.

Being a not-so-tall race, Filipinos are not genetically predisposed to excel in the sport, but it remains to be given the biggest funding just because of the hype “to the neglect of other sports,” Adriano said.

Like rice, it’s about time authorities accept the inevitable and shift strategies and improve productivity.

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