Makati court junks Kris Aquino’s theft raps vs Nicko Falcis

The cases did not hold weight.

The cases did not hold weight.

Embattled accountant Nicanor “Nicko” Falcis II scored a big win against his ex-boss, actress Kris Aquino, who turned against him with a P1.27-million qualified theft charge.

Aquino made sizeable noise in November last year after decrying the supposed betrayal of her trusted finance manager Falcis, saying that he mishandled her hard-earned money and even jeopardized the trust funds of her sons Josh and Bimby.

But the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office wasn’t buying her tale.

A Feb. 18 decision dismissed Aquino’s multiple qualified theft charges against Falcis for lack of probable cause.

Aquino was running after money which Falcis reportedly charged against the BDO credit card of her company Kristina C. Aquino Productions (KCAP) without her consent. But the prosecutors said she did not have enough proof.

“Aquino asserts that by using the KCAP card to purchase goods and services for his personal benefit, in violation of the trust that she has given, Falcis committed the crime of qualified theft. This Office begs to disagree,” read the resolution.

“As cardholder, Falcis is personally liable to BDO for any and all amounts charged to the card,” Assistant City Prosecutor Paolo Barcelona said, noting that Falcis’ obligations are to BDO and not to Aquino.

“Falcis’ use of the KCAP card for his personal expenditures would not make him liable for theft. He is only liable to BDO for the card transactions that he had made using the card,” the resolution went on.

“The fact that Aquino paid Falcis’ credit card bill is of no moment. This will only make the latter civilly liable to the former as she is entitled to reimbursement for the amount that she has paid.”

“Accordingly, he is, at most, only liable to pay his credit card bill that has become due.”

The prosecutor said that there should be no issue as the credit card was actually under Falcis name.

It seems to be a major victory for Falcis’ camp. How will Kris respond? Stay tuned!

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