Claudine to Nicole to Gretchen: It’s all in the family for Atong Ang

When jueteng lord Atong Ang is back in the news, it’s most likely not good.

When jueteng lord Atong Ang is back in the news, it’s most likely not good.

Gretchen defends ‘happy, family man’ Atong, posts photo of Mrs. Ang and kids

Ang, who pleaded guilty to corruption of public officials in a plea bargain to escape longer jail time, is the man in the middle of the messy love affairs of siblings Gretchen and Claudine Barretto and their niece, Nicole Barretto (daughter of Gretchen and Claudine’s brother, Jay-Jay).

Double A expose: Marjorie Barretto to spill the beans on Gretchen’s real BF

Although Ang and Gretchen, who is the long-time partner of bilyonaryo Tonyboy Cojuangco whom she tenderly calls “Dada”, have been regularly seen in public (from casino hotels to cockpits), it was only after her sister Marjorie Barretto dropped a bomb that the true nature of Ang and Gretchen’s relationship was placed under scrutiny.

Claudine Barretto rushed to hospital after alleged physical altercation with sister Marjorie

“My sisters boyfriend is powerful in a very bad way (and I don’t mean Tonyboy) And in speaking the truth I won’t be able to leave his name out,” Marjori said on Instagram a day after an embarrasing hairpuling incident with Gretchen in front of their late father’s coffin with President Rodrigo Duterte caught in the middle.

Marjorie Barretto apologizes to Duterte for getting caught in family drama

News of Ang’s alleged affair with Gretchen got more intense when Nicole broke her silence on her former boyfriend.

Claudine to Nicole to Gretchen: It’s all in the family for Atong Ang

“”I just want to inform you that I wasn’t thrown to the states. I was there to move on from what gretchen and atong did to me.

I’m stating the fact that my own aunt stole my boyfriend,” said Nicole in a private message to Instagrammer @bashing.shing.

“The next travels to the states was for my education. Since i do have an education and finished a doctorate. Just so you know Thank you po,” Nicole said.

Gretchen, who has denied Marjorie’s accusation, made the whole affair even messier when she herself declared that Ang’s first Barretto affair was with Claudine.

“Oh I’m sorry. I was told that Nicole stole Atong from her aunt Claudine,” said Gretchen.

Gretchen not only threw her niece and her mom under a bus, but she also indirectly hit Ang for allegedly not having any qualms getting mothers to give away their daughters.

“I was told by Atong (niloko si nicole sa akin ng nany nya). You just gave birth and have a boyfriend and yet hinahabol mo ang cliente mong si Atong…Nagwawala ka sa isang lalaking di ka niligawan,” Gretchen said.

These posts by Claudine, however, proved that Ang and Nicole were lovebirds and that she ain’t feeling too bad about losing Ang to Nicole.

” Mr.Atong Ang & the love of his life Nicole Barretto & i with the Love birds:) .”

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