Ikaw ba yan Alice? Marjorie calls Gretchen ‘evil’ for hurting not only her family but also her friends

Celebrity Marjorie Barretto claimed that sister Gretchen was out to hurt not only her family but also her friends.

Celebrity Marjorie Barretto claimed that sister Gretchen was out to hurt not only her family but also her friends.

“What Gretchen is doing to me is not only to me. She does this to all her friends, all my friends, family, parents, everything. This evilness has to stop,” said Marjorie in an interview with TV Patrol’s Karen Davila.

Marjorie did not specify any of her friends who were touched by Gretchen’s “evilness.”
But one of the biggest target of Gretchen’s tirade in the past few months was businesswoman Alice Eduardo, one of Marjorie’s besties.

An eagle-eyed Twitizen pointed out Marjorie’s tight circle of friends:

(We were informed that while Davila and Marjorie were tight, Davila was hesitant to do the interview but was prevailed by management to handle it.)

In a January 2019 interview, Gretchen claimed that Eduardo allegedly amassed millions in unpaid taxes.

In a Facebook post by Mark Lopez, Barretto said in Filipino: “A few years ago, when her brother was in power, she (Eduardo) was in trouble with her tax payments. She was being charged with millions, if not billions of pesos (in tax dues). Kris (Aquino)helped her (Eduardo) to lower the taxes she was supposed to pay the government.”

“There’s a reason why I’m dipping my fingers into her issues. Whether you bash me or not, I will tell the truth. Kris, if you really love the Philippines, you should have protected the interest of Filipinos at that time when your brother was in power. She (Eduardo) should have paid the right taxes because the Filipinos would reap the benefits of correct tax payments,” she added.

Barreto claimed that she had second thoughts about revealing Eduardo’s alleged secret tax deal with former BIR Commissioner Kim Henares (who denied brokering such a deal). “I hate to do this to Alice, she means a lot to me,” said Barreto.

“I have ‘tampuhan’ with her sister but I refuse to say her name because does not fit her. She has a small body but with a big attitude,” said Barretto referring to Eduardo’s sister, Small Laude, wife of businessman Philip Laude.

Eduardo, who owns the Sta. Elena Construction firm which cornered the controversial P5 billion Port Irene breakwater project in Cagayan economic zone, is a close associate of Japanese gambling tycoon Kazuo Okada, the main partner of Cojuangco in Okada Manila casino. accuses-kris-of-helping-alice-eduardoallagedly-get-away-from-massive-tax-dues-to-the-bir1/

Wonderland exposed! Gretchen pins down Alice Eduardo on tax evasion, calls Kris ‘Queen of All Fixers’

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