Disappointed bride exposes mediocre work by celebrity fashion designer Patricia Santos

Picking out a wedding gown is a very personal choice.

Picking out a wedding gown is a very personal choice.

And for most women, getting married is a life-long dream filled with fairytale stuff.

But for this newlywed, it was a nightmare as she didn’t get what she paid for and felt misled by the wedding gown designer she picked.

Aan Tolentino-Tan took to social media to share her horrible experience with celebrity designer Patricia Santos.

“The design agreed upon was not executed in its entirety as the train was removed without my approval and the beadings and appliques that should be placed on the shoulder and arm area was not done as well making it appear to be an off shoulder type gown,” Tan said in her Facebook post.

“During the post-ceremony shoot, all my bridesmaids noticed that the ends as well as the fabric near the underarm had big holes in them so I can no longer raise my arm as this will be very visible…I have received several messages from my guests informing me also that my chest area is exposed on several occasions! I am therefore embarrassed and humiliated each and every time I receive such a message.

“I made this post because a lot of my guests were wondering and blaming my coordinators on why my wedding ceremony was delayed, why member of my suppliers were in such a hurry to take everyone’s picture at the church, why there was a delay in starting our program during the reception,” Tan said.

“I sent a demand letter addressed to Patricia Santos Atelier asking for a full refund of my gown, JUST BECAUSE THIS WAS NOT THE GOWN THAT WAS AGREED UPON (only then was I contacted by her and her team, only then did I receive an apology, 2 days after my wedding). They immediately replied to me and as of January 8, 2020, they gave me the said refund. But just so everybody knows, a full refund is not enough for what she did to me. Also, I hope no other bride will have to go through what I have been through. Hopefully, she can take better care of her future clients commensurate to the amount she charges,” Tan said.

Tan likewise made an appeal to wedding gown designers and future brides.

“To wedding gown designers, please do treat your clients equally. We may not be big celebrities but we are also paying customers, hindi ko lang pinitas sa kangkungan young pinambayad ko. IT MAY BE THE NTH WEDDING YOU GUYS ARE A SUPPLIER OF, BUT FOR YOUR BRIDES, IT IS THEIR ONE AND ONLY WEDDING. We deserve to be taken care of and not be sidelined,” she said.

To future brides, please do a detailed research or please be careful on choosing your wedding gown designer.

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