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Xi Jinping’s 15 cruel punishments on Chinese POGO: From frozen bank accounts to zero communication to ostracizing family

Cancelling passports is apparently the least punishment to be imposed by China President Xi Jinping on his citizens involved in Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations (POGOs).

Cancelling passports is apparently the least punishment to be imposed by China President Xi Jinping on his citizens involved in Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations (POGOs).

Xi has ordered a 15-point “cleansing” mechanism of Chinese who engaged in POGOs and telecommunication scams and did not return to the mainland before the February 8 deadline.

Beginning of the end? Chinese embassy confirms purge on POGO workers through passport cancellations

Here is a rough translation of the police order:

1) All those involved in overseas telecommunications fraud and gambling will have their passports cancelled.

2) All bank accounts and related accounts will be frozen, and all illegally acquired property will be confiscated.

3) Their children will not allowed to attend public schools

4) They will no longer enjoy medical financial subsidies

5) All financial subsidies of their family members will be cancelled

6) All are included in the list of people with bad credit, restricted from high consumption behaviors such as taking flights and high speed rails.

7) All real estates, chattels, and certificates of value purchased with stolen money will be frozen.

8) Restrictions on exit, all children’s admission to the (Communist Party of China), examinations, and employment will be scrutinized.

9) Will not be allowed to buy or renovate a house, and all buildings that violate regulations and rules will be demolished.

10) All communication channels will be stopped after cases are filed by police.

11) Disqualification from groups and dividends.

12) Village officials shall be disqualified from safe and outstanding Village.

13) The children of CCP party members and cadres involved in the case shall be strictly handled in accordance with party discipline and shall be held accountable.

14) If a unit is involved in a case, all units shall be disqualified from being well-evaluated .

15) All the places or tools provided (rental houses, mobile phone cards, bank cards, bank accounts ) will be listed as targets of punishments, which will shame whole family if one person for committing a crime, and will be restricted everywhere.

China cancels passports of citizens working for POGOs as Duterte ignores Xi’s ban request

Earlier, a spokesperson of the Chinese embassy in the Philippines confirmed a Bilyonaryo story about his government’s purge of Chinese involved in POGOs.

“The Ministry of Public Security of China has obtained a list of Chinese nationals suspected of committing long-term telecommunication fraud crimes abroad, who are classified as the persons prohibited from exiting China according to the Exit-Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China,” the spokesperson said.

“Such operations are aimed at the suspects of Chinese nationals who have committed telecommunications fraud crimes in different countries.The Chinese Government always requires Chinese citizens overseas to abide by local laws and regulations and not to work illegally in foreign countries,” the spokesperson added.

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