Chelsey Singson lambasts the government’s actions against COVID-19 pandemic

Chelsey Singson is not one to shut up about political matters.

Chelsey Singson is not one to shut up about political matters.

The feisty daughter of Ilocos Sur mayor Chavit Singson did not bother mincing words in criticizing the government’s actions in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Since it aims to ease lockdown measures in the Philippines, the Duterte administration has classified areas that are low, moderate and at high risk.

This decision did not sit well with Chelsey. “So sorry but this sounds ridiculous. Do they think that adding different levels of quarantine will help fight COVID-19. Sounds lazy. The government should really invest on test kits and medical facilities to isolate the infected which will also help give us real numbers to focus on,” she wrote on one of her Instagram stories.

In her next story, she listed down all the help the private sector has given the Philippines to help the country defeat COVID-19. She compared it with how the government has allocated its funds in this fight.

“Only a fraction of the funds are allocated to poor families, PPE, protection of frontliners while a huge portion of it is allocated to save the bigger industries,” she said.

Chelsey wasn’t done yet. In her last story, she criticized the PNP for not following the ECQ guidelines by holding a birthday party for a high-ranking official.

“You don’t have to tell us that,” she said, talking directly to PNP Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac who assured the public of an impartial investigation on the aforementioned issue. “It’s common sense. Even we know the rules better than you guys. How about an apology? Make up for your own mistakes? That would be a good example. It’s not always about defending your reputation. How about actually getting a warrant of arrest? Instead of just barging into people’s homes or arresting anyone. How about stating the miranda doctrine before arresting someone? Instead of assaulting people. How about the use of non-lethal weapons to subdue someone to avoid any more collateral damages?” she said.

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