Palusot: Fontana says it has zero operations, unaware of illegal Chinese hospital inside villas

The resort and casino complex owned by the fugitive Jack Lam washed its hands clean from the raid of an illegal medical facility catering to Chinese patients with possible COVID-19.

The Fontana Development Corporation said it had no involvement in the illegal hospital, the denial coming days after the damning discovery of an illegal hospital and pharmacy inside one of the villas at the Montana Leisure Park.

Fontana has no control over the property or the operations therein. In fact, Fontana casino, junket and hotel operations have long been suspended. Fontana has zero operations at present,” said FDC assistant general manager Simon Wu in a statement.

Fontana said it has written to the Clark Development Corporation, saying the property does not “condone any illegal activity” within its premises. Instead, it dropped the name of Shidaikeji Technology Corporation as the long-time lessor of the area.

Fontana fully and wholeheartedly supports the Philippine Government in its battle against COVID-19 and in the implementation of any other government program,” Wu added, saying they have zero operations at this point.

The 490 persons swabbed for COVID-19 testing all work for or belong to the Shidaikeji group, he added.

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