Pretty much like free money: Kevin Tan thinks POGOs should resume if govt regulates it properly

The son of bilyonaryo Andrew Tan is supportive of the resumption of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) mainly because of the billions of revenuse they provide to the government.

Kevin Andrew L Tan , Chief Executive Officer at Alliance Global Group Inc.told ANC News that POGOs should reopen but only if government can regulate it properly.

“They (POGOs) should continue to grow because they are contributors. It’s pretty much like free money to the government if you ask me,” said Tan.

POGOs have been allowed to open with a skeletal force after the Inter-Agency Task Force classified it as a business process outsourcing (BPO) business. Before opening, the IATF said POGOs should show certification that they have paid all their income taxes and franchise fees, and ensured that their Chinese workers have legitimate working papers.

AGI’s office property arm, Megaworld, one of the biggest landlords of POGOs in the country with 14 percent of its gross leasable office area devoted to these online casinos catering mostly to Chinese gamblers.

The Accredited Service Providers Association of Pagcor (ASPAP) said its members generated a total of P14.28 billion in taxes in 2019 (P6.42 billion direct POGO taxes, P2.84 billion VAT from rent, P3.55 billion VAT from worker’s consumption, and P1.48 billion excise taxes) and as much as P25 billion in annual rentals. It also claimed that 25 percent of its 120,000 employees were Filipinos.

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