Em Aglipay-Villar on choosing to live an unhurried life

The wife of Public Works and Highways Mark Villar has a whole new approach to living.

On Instagram, she shared how much being in quarantine has changed her.

As a career woman with a “fast-paced, stressful life,” slowing down these past two months has helped her determine what in life matters most to her: inner peace and bonding time with family.

“I want to ease into a more unhurried way of living and retain the mindful practices I developed during this two-month long quarantine by letting go of the unnecessary; saying no to non-essential engagements; eating healthfully; setting aside time for meditation and exercise; rethinking the way I do my work, and going home early to be with family instead of spending my evenings in traffic,” she detailed in her caption.

How do you think has the quarantine changed your life?

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