Maggie Wilson-Consunji pleas for support for small businesses

Maggie Wilson-Consunji shared her two cents worth on the current business landscape.

She herself is an entrepreneur affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. “I can see that small businesses are struggling. Support them in anyway that you can. If you can’t afford to buy from them, help promote them. A tag, share or a follow costs nothing but a minute of your time. For my business @acasamanila, we are working on a skeletal team. Only two of my employees are able to make it physically to work. Another two of which work from home. I send my driver everyday to pick up my two employees and have him take them home too when work is done. My mom, my sister and my house hold help are all working overtime to try and cater to your needs so we can keep the business running. There is no other way to get things done at this point if we don’t help each other out. This is the side most people do not see. This is the reality right now,” Maggie wrote in her Instagram caption.

She then encouraged everyone to support a small or medium sized business as much as they can. She opened her comments section for tagging small stores which she will try to share herself on her Instagram stories for the next seven days. Maggie’s plea did not end there; she also challenged her influencer friends to do the same.

“Let’s help promote them so they can sustain themselves during these hard times. Any kind of income, big or small is still income,” she said.

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In these unprecedented times both owners and employees are struggling. To the ones who are able to pay their employees or offer them assistance during this time, I salute you. To those who can’t anymore, I understand you. Times are hard now but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. To the employees, help your employers. Help out in the best way that you can. Just because you have to stay home, it doesn’t mean the work stops. If you don’t continue to put out the work, your employer won’t be able to help you. Help them so they can help you. Just because you might think they have “money” it doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling too. Because of this pandemic, 2 million workers have been displaced, the business sector said that that number is going to rise to 5 million soon. My sister is one of those displaced workers. She is no longer receiving any kind of salary or assistance from her company since last month. Work doesn’t not resume for her until December. I have many friends who are in the same boat. If you still have your job, be grateful. If you’re still being paid, even if you have to take a pay cut, be grateful. So many people are looking for jobs now. Don’t take your employers for granted and vice versa. The bills still need to get paid on both sides of the coin. Learn to adapt to the times and how things are changing. Think of ways or solutions on how you can innovate yourself, your business and the business you are apart of. Don’t lose hope. Things will get better.?

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