Manila Golf reopens June 3, but tells members greens not at par with what they’re used to

The country’s most exclusive club will reopen its golf course to members on June 3 following the lifting of the enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila.

In a letter to members, Manila Golf and Country Club Inc. said it would have a “soft reopening” on June 1 to prepare the club’s facilities for the formal reopening.

“Due to lack of manpower during the (ECQ), the club;s course may not be in the same pristine condition that you have been accustomed to. Rest assured, however, that we will endeavor to restore the original condition of the course at the soonest possible time,” said Manila Golf.

Management also apologized for the “inconvenience” brought about by the health and safety protocols to be imposed in the club’s premises as required under the general community quarantine.

The club will be open between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. and only members and their spouses and dependents are allowed access.

Aside from face masks, social distancing (two meters apart), and hand sanitation, the club has made it mandatory for members to use golf carts (one cart per player at a discounted rate of P300 per use). Members are advised to bring their own pen. Members are required to observe “ready golf” upon arrival, bring their golf shoes and bags back home, and sign waiver absolving the club of any liability if they get infected with COVID while visiting the club.

Only two to thee players are allowed per flight. Caddies will be screened a week in advance and will be allowed to serve a maximum of three players per week.

No umbrella girls are allowed until further notice.

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