NLEX, Cavitex, SCTEx to go cashless

NLEX Corp. will soon go cashless on all tollroads it operates to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

The company has aked the Department of Transportation to mandate all motorists to install radio-frequency identification (RFID) stickers as it moves to implement cashless transactions on all its expressways.

The move is aimed at reducing potential exposure of motorists and the company’s employees to the coronavirus.

NLEX president Luigi Bautista said the DOTr was already evaluating its proposed roadmap, which will be inplemented in three phases,

“The first phase is 100 percent RFID in five to six months. Phase 2 will be interoperability with the other expressways which can happen in the next 12 months while phase 3 will be free flow already, ” he said.

“Theres already a directive to put RFID but in the case of the private cars wala pang mandate. It will help a lot if the government will mandate the motorists to put RFID in their vehicles,” he added.

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