Pasaway! Dominguez to run after tax-delinquent POGOs

Finance Secretary Sonny Dominguez is not oblivious to the fact that some Philippine offshore operators (POGOs) have resumed operations without settling their tax liabilities.

Malacañang drew flak when it announced that POGOs were among the industries that would be allowed to reopen in May, arguing that POGOs can be a significant source of funds for the country’s COVID-19 response

However, only POGOs without outstanding tax obligations are allowed to resume business.

Dominguez knows some of them may have gone underground to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are conducting investigation on those allegations. It’s probably true, but you know also because of the lockdown, our people really cannot go around so much. But we are monitoring,” Dominguez said in the Kapihan sa Manila forum hosted by The Philippine Star’s Marichu Villanueva.

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