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Bawal judgmental: Suave bilyonaryo turns skyscraper into harem

A suave bilyonaryo is keeping his business strictly within the family, including his two mistresses.

A Babbler snitched about how this senior but still active agent (AA) managed to integrate seamlessly his lovelife into the family business.

AA not only keeps his two lovers in his business payroll as marketing officers, he also keeps them in separate high-end units in the same high-rise condo. Like a Sultan, he’s literally just a few steps away from his concubines.

Strangely, this arrangement seems to be accepted by all parties, not only by the two women – one in her mid-40s and the other in her early 30s – but by AA’s wife and kids as well.

While AA’s not known to blow his own trumpet in his gleaming tower, who are we to judge if it works for them?

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