Steak master Elbert to diners: Help save PH restos

The man behind Elbert’s Steak Room, Metronome, Elbert’s Pizzeria and Elbert’s Diner, has appealed to diners to dig deep and help restaurants, their workers and suppliers survive these difficult times.

With the future of the restaurant industry uncertain, restaurateur Elbert Cuenca called on the public to help keep their favorite eateries afloat.

Cuenca estimates that 50 to 70% of the total restaurants could go out of business due to the coronavirus pandemic. Restaurants, once buzzing with activity, are now struggling and left with minimal staff to mitigate the massive losses in revenue due to social distancing guidelines.

He said the closure of restaurants would create a negative cascade of financial consequences.

“When I see a restaurant, the people I see are not just owners and customers.

I see employees. Typically 20-50 of them for just one branch. I see family members attached to each of those restaurant’s employees, and it’s typical for those employees to be helping out in their families’ expenses, like food, shelter, medicine and the education of their siblings, among other things.

I see transport workers each earning from these employees whenever they commute.

I also see restaurant suppliers, each having operations that employ people who also support their families and commute to work. I see the vegetable farmers, the livestock producers, coffee growers and roasters, and the people who deliver those goods.

I see the equipment manufacturers and the factory workers they employ, the technicians who service the equipment,” Cuenca said in Facebook account.

To protect this essential industry from demise, Cuenca urged the public to “go out just once in a while and eat at their favourite restaurant. “You’ll feel good not only because you’ve pampered yourself, but because you know you’ve helped a lot of other people in the process.”

“I hope everyone realizes the value of the restaurant industry. Even just one restaurant matters,” he added.

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