Last-ditch effort: Biz groups start online petition to block anti-terror bill

Business organizations have come together to call for the Presidential veto on the controversial Anti-Terrorism Bill just a week before it lapses into law.

Led by the Makati Business Club, 13 other business groups as well as hundreds of academic, civic society, and multi-sectoral supporters revived the clamor for President Duterte to block the passage of the Anti-Terrorism Bill, a measure that is seen to give greater powers to authorities to arrest people without a warrant and conduct surveillance.

“We the undersigned citizens and organizations appeal to the President to veto the Anti-Terrorism bill,” the groups said in a joint statement.

“We are one with its proponents that we need the proper legal provisions to fight this scourge. However, more thorough discussion is needed to get broad support for a law as important as this, and to strengthen the unity the country needs to fight the bigger health and economic crisis we are all facing,” they added.

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