Aurora Pijuan calls out Boying Remulla

No trolls here, just Filipinos with fully-functioning brains.

Former Miss International Aurora Pijuan slammed Cavite Rep. Boying Remulla for pinning the blame on “ABS-CBN people” and supposedly starting a smear campaign against him after he was caught taking notes rather than pausing to honor the national anthem in Batasan.

Pijuan, the ex wife of Tommy Manotoc, felt she needed to teach the lawmaker a lesson.

“Boying Remulla, ABS CBN don’t need trolls. We, the thinking public have their backs. We speak up, we call you out. Even your brother, Jonvic, called you out. Is he a troll too?,” Pijuan said in a tweet.

“Pls think of an original line and not one that you copy and paste,” she added.

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