Jinkee Pacquiao slammed on Twitter for flaunting wealth amid COVID-crisis

While most of us are scrambling to buy the basic essentials amid the coronavirus pandemic, some rich people have made it their life mission to flash their extraordinary wealth.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Jinkee Pacquiao has become the talk of the town after posting photos of her Hermes and Louis Vuitton bikes.

But like any public figure, Pacquiao has received backlash. Netizens felt that her post was tone deaf because of the coronavirus pandemic that Filipinos are currently in.

Many have been forced out of their jobs or are struggling to keep employment, feed their families and pay bills.

“ Alam namin na marami kayong pera. At kung ano ang gusto ninyong gawin sa pera na yun, wala kaming pakialam.

Pero marami rin ang walang trabaho at nagkukumahog humanap ng pera para may pakain sa kanilang pamilya. Puede ba, konting sensitivity man lang?,” said @agorisidro.

Even Teta Limcangco had something to say.

Critics felt that Jinkee was bot mindful of other people’s hardships.

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