Do not judge others – Jinkee Pacquiao

The wife of Sen. Manny Pacquiao posted a cryptic Bible verse after facing social media backlash for posting her luxury bikes at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

This after Actress Agot Isidro took to Twitter to express her disappointment over Jinkee Pacquaio’s insensitivity. Many people also showed their disapproval of the actress’ post.

On her Ig story, Jinkee shared a Bible verse about not judging others, seemingly alluding to Isidro’s post.

Some netizens, however, came to her rescue.

Gaya mo Ms. Agot, sa gitna ng kahirapan, mas hindi namin kailangan makita yang negativity mo in life,” user Jen Corpuz said.

“You speak too much for someone who doesn’t give a damn. Hahaha,” another pointed out.

Another said the bikes were long with the Pacquiaos and were not an insensitive flex in the middle of the pandemic that left thousands of Filipinos hungry.

“she can post anything she wants simply bc that’s her personal account,” user @trymernt said, claiming Isidro blocked her account after this tweet.

Agot defended her action and said all she was asking for was some sensitivity as the millions of Filipinos are struggling to make ends meet amid the crisis.

“Sinabi ko naman na wala akong pakialam kung saan ginastos ang kaperahan. i’m sure marami na rin ang natulungan. ang sa akin lang, kailangan ba namin makita yan, sa gitna nang paghihirap na dinaranas ng nakararami? Sensitivity ≠ accountability, iba po yun,” tweeted Agot.

Jinkee, meanwhile, clarified that the bikes were gifts from a good friend.

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