UP experts unmask milk Scam sold On Shopee, Lazada

These brands are making a scam out of skimmed milk.

Experts from the University of the Philippine College of Science and Nutrition revealed a new scheme which hoodwinks unsuspecting moms and cooks Into buying substandard milk products.

In a market study, UP experts revealed how several brands of skim milk poweder being sold online –– which promises the nutrients found in the dairy product minus the fat –– are fake, as they do not meet the dietary requirements to qualify as such.

The study sampled products being sold via Shopee and Lazada but had grim results. Out of the 27 samples under 11 brands, only Milk Magic met skim milk standards, according to Dr. Lotis Francisco.

The sampled skim milk products that were found wanting were labeled Golden Dairy, La Crema, Blend, Milkboy, Farmland, Dairy Crown, Gold Cows, Redbull, Milkjoy, and Dairy Bake.

“Nakalagay for example for beverage use, baka mapagkamalan ng mga tao gatas ito, pwedeng itimpla, pwedeng inumin since skim milk powder ito, ang paniwala mo –– gatas yan, mataas ang protina. Pero hindi naman pala mataas ang protina. Wala hong nakukuhang sapat na nutrients yung mga tao kung ito ay gagamitin,” the researcher sai.
The study cited the low protein and high fat content which made the products bogus. There’s also not enough yeast and mold count (the healthy kind) in these brands.

The worst part is these are not certified by the Food and Drug Administration yet are still being sold online, some even in physical retail stores.

Trade Undersecretary Ruth Castelo has pledged to catch these milk scammers, saying vendors will face fines and possible jail time for selling products not registered with the FDA.

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