Baguio city eyes ban on tree-cutting, Vista Residences stopped from cutting more trees

The Baguio City Council has proposed a five-year moratorium on tree-cutting to preserve the summer capital’s remaining forest cover.

The recent cutting of pine trees to make way for the construction of Vista Residences’ high-rise building at Outlook Drive in Baguio drew flak from residents.

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Given this, the city council has directed Vista Residences to suspend all tree-cutting activities while deliberations on the ordinance is ongoing.

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Vista Residences had already cut down 30 of the 54 pine trees coveres by a special private land timber permit (SPLTP) by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Bilyonaryo Manny Villar’s Vista Residences earlier said the cutting of the 54 pine trees was in “full compliance with all relevant rules and regulations”.

A bill seeking a 10-year moratorium on tree-cuttinfnhas also been filed by Baguio City Rep. Mark Go to protect the remaining 2.5 million trees in the city, of which 500,000 are pine trees.

“The cutting of trees in Baguio whether in private and public land is going to be prohibited for a period of 10 years except in cases where you have dead trees as well as infected trees that are beyond reviving or may pose danger to life and property,” Go said.

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