Demanding: April Tan thinks it’s unfair for Roque to compare bilyonaryo donations without basing it on their net worth

Seasoned stock analyst April Tan believes Harry Roque shouldn’t be making sweeping claims against ABS-CBN’s donations in the pandemic.

The Malacañang spokesman found another excuse to blame ABS-CBN for its failed franchise bid, saying that it should have been more generous with donations to the poor during the pandemic.

Roque argued that the Lopez firm should have given as much as the other “oligarchs” like the Ayala and MVP groups who doled our over a billion pesos.

“I don’t think this is a fair statement. If he wants to compare the donors to the amounts donated, he should compare it to their profits or net worth,” said Tan, the face of COL Financial.

It shouldn’t even be about the price. “In fact, those who are sincere in helping don’t even keep count of how much they have given,” she added.

Roque said the network only donated P200 million, but the network claimed it was actually P427 million.

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