Estate planning: RSA bought lots near family home so he can be close to children, apos, car collection

Bilyonaryo Ramon S. Ang is a strategist not only in business but also in his personal life.

Ang revealed that he made sure that he owned lots near his family home to make sure his children, their children, and his vintage car collection were close by.

“I have seven grandchildren, four girls and three boys. (I see them) everyday. Do you want to know how I capture all of them? bought land near my house to make them my neighbor,” said Ang in an interview with CNN Philippines.

“I always tell them: hard work from your father to save money, to buy land beside my house so that you will all have a place to stay when you all get married. Whether they are girls or boys. Eh ‘di tuwang tuwa sila. But the selfish interest is because they are my neighbor I can see them everyday and every time, ‘di ba?” he added.

Ang said he preferred to cook for family and friends so they could eat the food he liked: “Usually seafood, crabs, mud crabs or fish or prawns. Philippines is an island. We have so much seafood, good seafood.”

Ang said another reason why he loved staying in his family home was to see his lifelong collection of vintage automobiles. He has antiques but his favorites are the sports cars, and he considers the 1960 Ferrari models the best.

“Those are the things I tinker with every weekend or every morning. Every morning, I wake up at 6 o clock, the first thing I do is I take coffee, after I take coffee, I go and visit all those old cars and if I need to, I drive around the village. Happy na ko,” said Ang.

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