Hoping for a miracle, but tax breaks will do: 90% of travel agencies closed due to pandemic

The country’s tourism is in a “very bad shape” and travel agents are hoping to for a miracle to save them from closing down.

But the Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) said tax breaks from government will help a lot in surviving through the ill effects of the pandemic.

Richie Tuaño, president of the Philippine Travel Agencies Association, said 90 percent of the group;s 406 members have either completely or temporarily closed down due to the lack of business since the government imposed restricted travel and imposed strict quarantine and
social distancing measures in mid-March.

“We are really in a very bad shape at the moment. The travel and tourism sector has been badly affected and we can foresee it will continue to do so in the coming months, unless a miracle really happens,”said Tuaño in an interview with CNN Philippines.

While travel agents are looking forward to the economic stimulus fund being packaged by the government to revive the tourism market, Tuaño said his peers were “looking more into immediate relief on business permits, tax payment requirements which are ongoing while no business are coming in.”

“This is the very first step we would need from government to assist us. To relieve us of these obligations the current obligations that we are facing right now,” Tuaño said.

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