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Arogante! Duterte blasts Drilon for being the sole defender of ‘Spanish oligarchs’

President Rodrigo Duterte has branded Senator Frank Drilon as the sole defender of “Spanish oligarchs” who control water, electricity and power in the country.

In his fifth State of the Nation Address, Duterte criticized Drilon for taking the cudgels for oligarchs, specifically the Lopez family after they lost their franchise bid in Congress.

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“In an interview, he arrogantly mentioned among others that oligarchs need not be rich. This happened after the (House) Committee on Franchise voted 70-11 to deny the grant of franchise to ABS-CBN. Obviously, he was defending the Lopezes that they are not oligarchs,” said Duterte.

Duterte said he “resented” Drilon for “taking it against” him when he described ABS-CBN’s franchise defeat part of his efforts to dismantle oligarchies.

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“Alam mo you describe using the dictionary the synonym ng mga oligarchs, oligarchy, kung ano, then you proceeded to characterize every name and then said that not all oligarchies are bad,” said Duterte.

“True. But to my countrymen, the oligarchy that exists in this country is the oligarchy that existed during the Spanish time. And the Spanish lands and the friar lands and all the benefits that were passed on to the Insulares who did not go back to Spain. But that was long ago, it has been forgotten,” said Duterte.

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“This is the oligarchy that controls the Philippines…by taking control of the water and the electricity and power. Iyan ang oligarchy mo Drilon.

Wala ng oligarchy dito except that. Iyan ang mahirap sa… You do not protect the oligarchs here. Ikaw lang mag isa.,” he added.

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