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Lacson says Duterte should also go after LGUs milking money from telcos

As far as Senator Ping Lacson is concerned, telco giants Smart and Globe aren’t largely to blame for sub-par broadband speeds, high prices, and poor customer service.

He said the government itself has contributed to the problem.

Telco firms’ plans to go full blast on building new cell sites that would boost connectivity have been hampered by the tedious process of getting various permits.
Requirements vary from one local government unit to another.

Last Monday, President Duterte warned Smart and Globe ofn government takeover should they fail to improve their services by December this year.

“What the President failed to issue is a similar warning to some local government unit executives who extort money from the telcos in exchange for permits and licenses,” Lacson said.

“Protection” money to prevent construction delays and communist rebel attacks also pad the undeclared expenses of these firms when they set up cell sites in rural areas,” he added.

Nevertheless, Lacson agrees much needs to be done to improve telco services.

“Our country’s telecommunications services pale in comparison with our neighbors and with other jurisdictions in terms of speed and efficiency,” he said.

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