Lopez eviction plan bared! SolGen Calida can seek to void ABS-CBN’s ‘dubious’ title to Mother Ignacia lot – Marcoleta

The House leadership’s plan to evict the Lopezes from the ABS-CBN Corp. broadcasting compound at Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City had become clearer.

Congressman Rodante Mrarcoleta has filed a resolution seeking a House probe into the alleged questions on the authenticity of ABC-CBN’s title to the 4.4-hectare lot which hosts its broadcasting facilities left idled by the non-renewal of its franchise.

In tandem with the House probe, Marcoleta expected the the Land Registration Authority, through Task Force Titulong Malinis, to make a “final finding” on ABS-CBN’s alleged “dubious” title and spur Solicitor General Jose Calida, who has locus standi or right to bring an action on the matter, to “file an action for the nullification of the title.”

In House Resolution No. 1058, Marcoleta urged the House to inquire on the authenticity of the title shown by ABS-CBN to prove its ownership of the properties it requisitioned in 1986.

Marcoleta said ABS-CBN provided a “poor photocopy” of Transfer of Certificate of Title No. 12572 to lawmakers during the media firm’s franchise hearing.

Upon his further inquiry with the Register of Deeds, Marcoleta said ABS-CBN’s title was based on another title TCT 110731/T-557, which referred to 42-square property in Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon. Marcoleta said the source title was just a tenth of the 4.4-hectare ABS-CBN complex and located in another area.

“If ABS-CBN’s title was indeed for ‘provisional reconstituion’, it should explain why said administrative remedy was not veen annotated in said owner’s duplicate title… ABS-CBN should explain what happened to the application for reconstitution, if there be any,” said Marcoleta who noted ABS-CBN’s “silence” on the issue during the franchise hearings. .

Marcoleta said he found it intriguing that ABS-CBN would have a “twin title” for a 400-square meter lot in University District, Quezon city which was under the name of couple Florante and Luzviminda Jonsay.

In his resolution, Maroleta cited the dispute over a 34.3-hectare property – part of the Piedad Estate, a friar land acquired by the government – which is being claimed by the Monotok and Manahan families. In its 2010 ruling, the Supreme Court denied the claims of both families, nullified their spurious titles, and declared the Piedad Estate as belonging to the government.

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