DICT to telcos: Support common tower initiative to boost conectivity

Taking its cue from President Duterte, the Department of Information and Communications Technology is urging telecommunication companies to avail of the benefits of its common tower program to improve the quality and speed of the country’s internet.

DICT Secretary Gregorio Honasan remains firm in its position that the “telcos’ collocation in the common towers that are being rolled out across the country will enable them to service the wider population as well as deepen and enhance wireless network coverage and quality of ICT services that will contribute to a healthy, competitive ICT environment that will benefit the Filipino people”.

Honasan said collocating with common towers will also help telcos cut back on their expenses for building up and maintaining their own towers.

We encourage telcos to take full advantage of the benefits of our common tower initiative, and engage with the ITC sector more actively, especially when it comes to providing connectivity to the unserved and underserved areas in the country.

We should work together towards a better, more robust, and future proofed ICT environment. This is in line with the spirit of bayanihan, which President Duterte clearly articulated in his SONA.” Honasan said

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