ABS-CBN’s Ging Reyes to UP Mass Communication graduates: Dont let politicians interfere with work

ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs chief Ging Reyes had some powerful words of wisdom for the new graduates of the UP College of Mass Communication.

Reyes, ho chose her as graduation speaker for this year’s graduation ceremony which happened weeks after Congress shut down the network.

“As we hold power to account, we should remember that we too are accountable. We must acknowledge our flaws and learn from them,” said Reyes who was invited to be the keynote speaker for this year’s commencement ceremony.

“When politicians try to tell you how to do your job – how headlines should be written, how long you should wait till they give their side, how bad news hurts their image – you do not back down,” she said.

“You do not abandon the constitutional right that allows you the freedom to say and do something about what’s wrong in the world,” Reyes added.

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