Eliseo Rio on telco woes: ‘It is the regulators trapping them to this kind of service’

President Rodrigo Duterte has warned Globe and Smart of government takeover should they fail to shape up by December but it looks like the joke was on him as telco giants and even a former government official blamed bureaucratic red tape for their poor and slow services.

Eliseo Rio Jr., former undersecretary and OIC of the Department of Information and Communications Technology, DICT came to the rescue of telco operators.

“We do not lack investments, as these are already available, not coming from government but from the private ICT sector, to fast track the installation of telecommunication infrastructure… The real problem is the red-tape that only government can solve,” Rio said in a lengthy Facebook post.

“It’s not really them who haven’t been scaling up or pouring investments into the sector. It’s the regulators trapping them to this kind of service,” added Rio, who led the selection for the country’s third telco players.

Globe blamed the rigid process in securing a permit to build a cell tower. The Ayala-led telco said it would normally take eight months to secure 28 to 30 permits.

“The government does not need to put up any funds for telecommunication infrastructure. It only needs to facilitate the telcos to provide efficient public services, and not threaten them with expropriation. The ball is in the hands of the government!,” Rio said.

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