Ernest Cu to LGUs: Rationalize fees and expedite permit process

Globe Telecom president Ernest Cu has once again appealed to local government units (LGUs) to standardise LGU permits and fast track the approval process of securing permits to allow them to build more cell sites.

“Each year, we make massive investments in billions of pesos to make our network perform at par with other countries. However, we can only go as far as what our existing infrastructure can give. If we want robust connectivity we really need to build more cellsites and roll out more fiber to homes,” Cu said in a statement.

“This is a time when all industry stakeholders need to work together for the benefit of the consuming public. Connectivity is now an essential need especially during this pandemic. Let’s turn a new leaf and help enable the industry to build,” he added.

Cu met with President Rodrigo Duterte Thursday night to personally report the issues that have long been hobbling Globe’s ability to put up more cell towers.

In the meeting, Cu cited the the burdensome process of securing cell site construction permits.

Duterte immediately directed Interior Secretary Eduardo Ano and other Cabinet officials to “take the most drastic measure” to fast-track the processing of telco infrastructure permits.

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