Em Aglipay celebrates first headstand and strawberry shortcake

The wife of Public Works Secretary Mark Villar has so many #AchievementsUnlocked.

Justice UndersecretaryUndersecretary Em Aglipay Villar described herself “a work in progress.”

She shared her tale of trying out a headstand and a photo of her four-layer strawberry shortcake.

“Yesterday I tried to do a headstand for the very first time in my life. I was expecting to be unsuccessful but I took a video of it to be able to compare my progression. I was surprised that I was able to do it on the first try but it was not straight and I was not successful in all my attempts. Today I tried again and I was able to make it straighter. Tomorrow I will challenge myself further. That’s my mantra in life…keep on moving forward. We need new challenges in life to be able to grow. I was scared to try the headstand. I was thinking I might injure my neck but I thought—unless we go beyond what we already know, we will never grow. And I want to grow. We must accept that failure and challenges are essential to grow. Sunshine and rain make the seed grow and bloom into a beautiful flower. 🙏🏻” @emaglipayvillar said.

Thank you for sharing with us your tenacity Em! Namaste. #

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