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Porsche Cayman daw! BOC foils attempt to smuggle McLaren super car

The Bureau of Customs’ (BOC) has foiled an attempt to smuggle a McLaren race car by passing it off as a base model Porsche sports car.

BOC, through the Intelligence Group’s Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (IG-CIIS), confiscated the McLaren 620R super car on August 3.

The hot car arrived in the -Port of Manila on July 16 and it was declared as a brand new Porsche Cayman sports car, the entry level in Porsche’s luxury sports car class, to avoid the payment of the appropriate duties and taxes.

“Although similar in car type, the actual shipment was a McLaren 620R super car with a value of P33 Million and corresponding duties and taxes of P16.772 million,” BOC said in a statement. The importer, Llorin Trading, declared a duties and taxes of only P1.5 million.

Port of Manila District Collector Michael Angelo Vargas issued a warrant of seizure and detention on the shipment and was mulling filing charges against Llorin Trading and its broker. for violation of Section 1400 in relation to Section 1113 of RA 10863 also known as the Customs Modernization and Tarrif Act (CMTA).

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