Ookla: PLDT, Smart still fastest internet providers in first half

PLDT and Smart have once again been hailed the fastest fixed and mobile Internet networks in the Philippines by Ookla, a major provider of speed test technology to other internet speed test sites.

According to the first half results, PLDT recorded a speed score of 24.79, with top download speeds of 70.54 Mbps and top upload speeds of 85.38 Mbps, Converge ICT scored 21.53, Sky, 15.56 and Globe Telecom 9.17.

For mobile internet, Smart ruled the roost with a speed score of 18.33. Its average download speed was 15.94 Mbps while average upload speed was 7.57 Mbps.

“Over half a billion users rely on Speedtest to measure their internet performance every year. Ookla analyzes these test results to get an unparalleled view into mobile and fixed broadband metrics around the world,” said Ookla CEO Doug Suttles.

“ It is our pleasure to recognize Smart as the fastest mobile network and PLDT as the fastest fixed network in the Philippines based on our rigorous analysis. These awards are a testament to PLDT and Smart’s exceptional performance, as experienced by their own customers in Q1 and Q2,” he added.

These results take into account the impact of COVID-19 and the community quarantines on the network.

Ookla reported a decline in average download speeds at the beginning of the lockdowns. This was due to internet traffic moving from central business districts to more residential areas as people began working remotely from home and going online for services such as online banking, shopping, and video streaming and gaming, among others.

Smart’s speeds have since recovered to 20.12 Mbps in July, due to subsequent network optimization efforts such as reallocating its assigned 1800MHz frequency from 2G to 4G/LTE.

PLDT has increased the capacity of its international cable systems to Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan by a whopping 1 Terabit/s within a few weeks after the start of the hard lockdown, significantly increasing capacity for content and traffic coming from overseas.

“The results of these consumer-initiated tests highlight the beneficial impact of the sustained investments we have made in our network infrastructure over the past five years. As a result, we have been able to ensure that our customers have the best data experience, even amid the global pandemic,” said Mario G. Tamayo, PLDT-Smart SVP for network planning and engineering.

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