Missy gets first car and so much more

There seems to be a lot going for Missy Elizalde.

The daughter of business magnate Fred Elizalde and prima ballerina Lisa Macuja just turned 22.

She has set her goals for the year and is determined to achieve them the right way.

“This week I turned 22, with some help bought my first car, dropped a weight class (catch me fighting at light-feather 👊) and started my first job at a law firm! catch me working 2 jobs, studying for the LSAT and applying to law schools this year (and beyond lol) oh and Kona learned “no” when we don’t want her to eat something so claps for Kona! Here’s to my first steps to law school and Kona’s to not eating french fries off the pavement!” @m.eli.zalde said.

Cheers to all your new, exciting endeavours, Missy! #

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