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Pacific Plaza COVID outbreak: Dick Gordon’s daughter seeks stop to blame tossing as Margie Moran’s brother, sister-in-law fall ill

The daughter of Senator Dick Gordon has appealed for sobriety among residents of Pacific Plaza Towers (PPT) in BGC amid the outbreak of COVID infections allegedly traced to the politiko’s driver.

In a statement, Marnie Gordon Sambalido, Gordon’s daughter, confirmed that the senator’s driver, who stayed in at PPT’s drivers quarters in the South Tower, tested positive for COVID-19 but it was unfair to blame him as the source of the outbreak among the residents and staff in the twin, 53-storey skyscrapers.

“I feel pointing fingers concerning a virus that is widespread and highly contagious is not appropriate. Yes, it is possible that they may have been infected by our drivers but it is equally possible that our drivers got it from the many other drivers or staff in PPT as well. It just so happened that our drivers got tested first and the information was purposely shared by us,” said Gordon-Sambalido.

“Whether in PPT or anywhere else, it is very difficult to trace the origins of an infection with absolute certainty,” she added.

Gordon-Sambalido was reacting to a Facebook post by former Miss Universe Margie Moran, the wife of bilyonaryo Tonyboy Floirendo, who blamed Gordon’s driver for infecting her brother, Francis, his wife, Sandy and their stay-in staff.

Moran claimed his brother’s driver was infected by Gordon’s driver who got the COVID from the nine staff members of Gordon from the Philippine Red Cross.

Gordon-Sambalido said Gordon and his family were praying that the Moran couple and others infected by COVID would recover and that we would find a cure or vaccine soon. “Covid is a really pernicious disease. It is so pervasive in the Philippines that too many people are getting it,” said Gordon-Sambalido.

Gordon-Sambalido said both her parents and their two helpers had tested negative and passed the 14- day isolation period.

“What kept my father protected (despite being exposed and surrounded by the staff who tested positive) were wearing a mask and frequent hand washing. We cannot emphasize this enough,” said Gordon-Sambalido.

“It also helped that, as a safety precaution, the staff were routinely tested by the Red Cross, even without exhibiting symptoms. Fortunately, those who tested positive from my father’s staff only experienced mild symptoms,” she added.

Gordon-Sambalido claimed that she learned about the positive results on July 17 and immediately notified PPT management within that same day and that she offered testing on July 18 on all individuals that their family’s staff had come in contact with, specifically the 14 other drivers who slept in the quarters.

She said her family also sent a team to disinfect the driver’s quarters and lounge on July 18. She also informed her PPT neighbors about their staff’s infection through the PPT community Viber thread.

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