How Atticus King deals with pandemic-induced stress

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, many of us are experiencing stress, anxiety and a range of other emotions as we worry about our future and health.

Atticus King recognizes the importance of managing stress during the pandemic.

Keeping him sane during these tough times are his adorable kids Storm, Sky, and Soul and his breathing stress balls.

“Had a talk with a buddy today about the stress borne from having to navigate through this pandemic. I was relating with the grinding physical manifestations of the constant threat of death and the perception of a loss of control. I told him I did have a secret weapon and that was my three living and breathing stress balls in this picture. 😄now I hope you guys are physically safe and are finding moments throughout your day to find your spiritual center to reset,” said @atticusking.

As the saying goes: “The strongest people are those backed by a loving family.”

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