Mia Manglapus’ toy story

The wife of Atty. Michael Ferdinand Marcos Manotoc tries to give their daughter DIY playthings!

Cara Manglapus is showing off her creative skills with her quarantine projects: an oven and a car made out of cartolina for her daughter Mia.

“Some of our earlier quarantine projects: a make-believe “food delivery business” at home. 🤗 Forcing this mama to unlock her crafty side! 👀 The imaginary play corner was Mia’s favorite learning spot at her progressive preschool. With physical school on pause the rest of the year, we try to give her lots of opportunities to get creative, use her imagination, and ask lots of questions about anything & everything. Yes, it’s a LOT of questions. Like, a lot. 😂” @caramanglapus said.

Homemade toys by moms are the best!

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