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Baka daw mapunta pa sa maduming kamay! NOW’s Mel Velarde keen on going to TV, radio; urges NTC to give away ABS-CBN’s frequencies ASAP

Bilyonaryo Mel Velarde and his NOW Group are venturing into television and radio businesses after Congress rejected ABS-CBN Corp.’s application to renew its franchise to operate as a broadcasting firm.

Velarde,a former ABS-CBN executive, has urged the National Telecommunications Commission to immediately give out the vacated ABS CBN frequencies to qualified parties as soon as possible.

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Velarde, however, denied that NOW has filed an application to take over ABS-CBN’s much-coveted frequencies.

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Velarde is reacting to an exclusive BILYONARYO report that he has filed an application to take over DZMM 630 and MOR 101.9 radio frequencies and was poised to make a bid for Channels 2 and 23 (under AMCARA Broadcasting Network) through his publicly-listed firm, NOW Corp. BILYONARYO is standing by its story.

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“NOW Group is very interested in TV and radio broadcasting due to its wide-spread coverage for news delivery, public information, and distance learning but contrary to some reports, it has not applied at the National Telecommunications Commission to secure ABS-CBN Channel 2 and AMCARA Broadcasting Network’s Channel 23,” Velarde said in a company statement.

Velarde claimed that applying for TV and radio licenses was an “obligation mandated in broadcasting franchises to operate granted by Congress.”

Velarde argued that “there must be as many applications to fill the void created by the demise of ABS-CBN TV and radio signals in the air.”

He also urged the NTC to be quick in handing over ABS-CBN’s frequencies immediately.

“The sooner this is done, and the most qualified applicants with verifiable and excellent track record can operate the said franchises, the better for the country since if these frequencies fall into the wrong hands, then the intent of Congress which represents the people, shall be compromised,” he said.

NOW’s broadcasting affiliates have applied for radio frequencies and have ongoing applications for direct terrestrial television broadcast (DTTB).

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