Grace Barbers Baja mulls over this mommy problem

The struggle is real for @thespoiledmummy.

Grace Barbers Baja shares the difficulty mothers go through while working from home and still maintaining work-life balance.

“I hear you, mommas! Working from home and running a household keep us all busy. And then, we also have this little gig on the side… the part where we raise kids and are solely responsible for how they turn out (sorry dads, but it’s really all about us✌?) — that’s a no-joke, full time job with no breaks and no pay too! ?
So raise your hand mommas ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ if you feel this balancing act is more real now — than ever before! Nothing but #RESPECT for all our hardworking moms #WFH! ?” @thespoiledmummy said.

Salute to work-from-home momsies! #

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