The best pancit palabok for Margarita Fores

For the UN Ambassador for Gastronomy Tourism, this pancit palabok has certainly stood the test of time.

Chef Margarita Fores was completely raving over Aling Tonang’s pancit palabok on her Ig.

“Still the best Pancit Palabok for me @alingtonangsboni Aling Tonang’s has passed the test of time. I used to order from them some 15 years ago and decided to try them out again….sooooo thrilled to see that the pancit has not changed…just a tad of patis and kalamansi and you are on a roll! Love that there are things that don’t change, and just stay the same! #alingtonangs #pancitpalabok Third generation now running the business!” @margaritafores said.

Aling Tonang’s Pancit Palabok started in the 1950 by Lola Agatona Dominguez O Santos of Mandaluyong City.

Thank you for the recommendation, chef! #

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