Duterte scolds Guerrero or being a ‘babe in the woods’, zero results on drug smuggling: Binigyan ko baril, hanggang ngayon walang napatay!

President Rodrigo Duterte gave another earful to Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo “Jagger” Guerrero a week after getting publicly scolded for coddling rotten to the core abogado, Teodoro Jumamil.

Duterte, who admitted getting close to finding a fourth Bureau of Customs chief in four years, was irked by Guerrero’s failure to stem the flow of illegal drugs into the country after 23 months in office.

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“Sinabi ko sa kanya straight, drug is still flowing inside the country sa Customs. Sabi ko, gusto ko sana sabihin kanina na, ‘di ba naghingi man ‘yan siya ng baril? Sabi ko, ‘I approved the purchase of firearms and until now wala ka napatay ni isa?’ So sabi ko sa kanya, ‘shape up’,” said Duterte in a briefing.

“Sabi ko diretso, “Ang droga pumapasok pa rin.” Gusto ko pumatay ka diyan ng… Tutal back up-an kita, hindi ka makulong. Basta droga, barilin, patayin mo. Iyan ang usapan eh. Tsk,” said a visibly disappointed Duterte.

Duterte criticized Guerrero, a former Armed Forces chief of staff, for being naive and relying too much on shamelessly corrupt individuals like his chief of staff Jumamil, who isl also Development Bank of the Philippines director.

Duterte told him to kick out the “balasubas” Jumamil but Guerrero refused. “When you are new, you are a babe in the forest and you begin to rely on people who would whisper that, ‘Sir, tutulungan ka namin dito’. And when they gain your confidence, he relies on what they say until you would believe that they are doing the right thing,” said Duterte.

Duterte ordered Guerrero to reshuffle regional offices within the next two or three days to remove the ” element of familiarity.”

“Si Jagger kasi tutal mapag-usapan lang naman natin, there were times that he relied more on than sa — relied more on people who were already old hands there. Eh ‘di napasok siya sa bulsa,” he said.

“Iyan ang mahirap diyan. Kung matagal na, tanggalin na. Iyong ayaw magtanggal — ayaw magpatanggal, mag-report kayo dito sa opisina,” he added.

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