Korina Sanchez Roxas finally tells public where Mar Roxas is

So where is Mar Roxas?

A lot of people have been asking veteran journalist Korina Sanchez-Roxas where her husband is because they rarely get to see him in her social media posts.

Korina finally answered the public and gave an update on the whereabouts of Mar.

According to Korina, Mar is currently on self-quarantine. As he took care of his mom in the hospital, he can’t directly be in contact with his wife and children yet.

“It’s hard. This pandemic life with babies. At least one of us is always with the kids. His mom is fine. But it’ll take a bit before they swab and then tsaka palang pwedeng lumapit sa amin. The kids are longing to hug their Pappi.😔Best be safe than sorry, right? 💚,” Korina wrote in her caption.

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