Labor group tells Gozon: Reassign GMA News TV employees

GMA 7 is in a good position to absorb rather than lay off employees of its sister channel, a labor group said.

The Associated Labor Unions appealed to GMA big boss Felipe Gozon to show mercy to the retrenched employees of GMA News TV.

Those laid off were contractual employees of 10 news and public affairs programs that were cancelled due to the pandemic.

“We urge GMA 7 management to transfer or reassign their employees to other viable news and current affairs programs instead of laying them off after years of helping the network backboned the public affairs programs that attracted advertisers and revenues and help build its network image,” ALU spokesman Alan Tanjusay said.

“It doesn’t feel right to dispose of these employees just like disposable diapers after they have been used.

GMA 7 should learn from the lessons told by the legal victory of Talents Association of GMA (TAG) a few months ago to do business responsibly by not resorting to PEC or other forms of contractualization of workers,” Tanjusay added.

The network slashed its 2020 capital budget as it deferred scheduled equipment upgrades amid the tough business environmwnt brought about by the Covid-19 outbreak.

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