BDO Network Bank brings community service online

BDO Network Bank has been more than just a business in the communities that it serves.

As sales dwindle for many businesses due to the lack of customers, loans from banks and financial institutions are necessary to keep them afloat and tide them over until the economy recovers.

A 51-year old seamstress in Davao City, who was struggling to sustain her sewing and apparel business, was lucky enough to receive a huge order for washable face masks but due to slow business in previous months, she didn’t have enough capital to buy raw materials to produce what her customer ordered.

The seamstress approached several banks and lending institutions, but her loan application was denied, as they were not granting loans during the strict lockdown imposed in mid-March.

Fortunately, BDONB’s MSME Matina Team came to her rescue and granted her a loan.

BDONB employees are known in their communities as reliable partners during these difficult times, often going the extra mile to make transactions and life in general easier for bank clients.

As the pandemic continues to disrupt the way of life, the face-to-face, physical contact, and reassuring personal touch with the community that BDONB employees are accustomed has been put on hold.

To continue reaching out to communities it serves, BDONB has launched its official Facebook page.

“BDO Network Bank has been looking forward to an official Facebook page. And for us, this is the best time, as the team is geared up and more forearmed to support an online community. After a year from our rebrand, we deem this is the best follow through to continuously propagate brand awareness and improve our customer engagement,” BDO Network Bank president J.Antonio S. Itchon said.

The platform will complement its on ground services such as answering to product inquiries, conducting financial wellness roadshows, and getting customer feedback.

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