Cirtek US unit wins contract from major telco

Quintel USA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cirtek Holdings Philippines, has bagged a deal with a telecommunications operator ranked among the top five full-fledged wireless carriers in North America.

It will take part in building and transforming the information technology and connectivity revolution ahead as networks transition to 5G.

As part of providing pioneering and constantly evolving innovative antenna solutions to the market, Quintel will launch a new platform of small cell antenna products to complement its growing multi-port base station antenna portfolio designed and tailored specifically to its new customer’s next generation network.

Having spent close to half a billion dollars in acquiring new spectrum in auctions alone, the carrier is primed to launch full commercial services on fresh spectrum for 5G services 2021 onwards.

The telco expects to spend close to a billion dollars this year alone.

Quintel is set to launch its flagship 14-port small cell canister solution specifically optimized for exploiting radios with 4T4R configurations at low-band frequencies to maximize radio channel spectral capacity in dispersive radio channels.

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