Thriving in the new normal: MVP Group accelerates digital transactions

The MVP Group of Companies is ramping up the use of technology across its various businesses to protect their people from the virus while making transactions simpler, faster and more secure for its customers.

“As we help build the New Normal, we also continue to look for ways to serve our customers better. Minimizing face-to-face interactions, particularly in payments, not only helps curb the virus, but also facilitates smooth, seamless and convenient customer experience,” said Manuel V. Pangilinan, chairman of the MVP Group said.

PLDT and Smart are encouraging subscribers to shift to paperless transactions and to use expanded digital payment channels and online billing services, as well as enroll to receive electronic statements.

To date, customer payments via PLDT-Smart’s digital channels have jumped three-fold compared to last year, particularly after many parts of the country were placed under quarantine in mid-March.

Customers of Meralco can likewise opt to receive their monthly electric bills electronically instead of paper bills for accessibility, convenience and ease of payment. With paperless billing, customers can access their monthly bills via email or through their Meralco Online account.

MPTC, on the other hand, is transitioning to electronic toll collection system in compliance with the Department of Transportation’s directives, with its lanes on its expressways in North Luzon, Central Luzon, and South Luzon undergoing progressive conversion to make them RFID-enabled by November.

Minimizing physical contact and going cashless in toll roads has become an urgent priority amid COVID-19, making the the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) as a payment option, which allows for contactless passage through the toll plazas, all the more relevant.

Around 75% of Metro Pacific Tollways Corp. expressways are already RFID-enabled.

Meanwhile, Maynilad customers who wish to view their e-SOA (electronic statement of account) can enroll in Maynilad’s “My Water Bill”online portal.

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