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Gotianun’s EastWest, Ayala’s BPI, ALFM lead best managed funds of 2020

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Society Philippines honored eight money managers for chalking up the best returns in its virtual Best Managed Fund of the Year Awards 2020.

CFA Society Philippines gave awards in eight categories, both in peso-denominated and dollar-denominated funds with the participants limited only to funds accessible to the public or retail investors.

CFA Society Philippines chair and president Dr. Robert R. Ramos said:

“This is a very important time when professionally managed funds are given recognition. Since the goal of CFA Society Philippines is to put investors first, we are acknowledging funds that provided the best risk-based returns on a consistent basis for a five-year period.

This consistency is important for investors who put their hard-earned money in the hands of the fund managers for their future.”

Here are the winners:

1) Medium-Term Bond (fair value profile and loss or FVPL valuation purely with maturity of up to five years)

Peso Medium-Term Bond (FVPL)
UnionBank PHP Fixed Income Portfolio

Dollar Medium-Term Bond (FVPL)
ATRAM Total Return Dollar Bond Fund

2) Medium-Term Bond (held-to-maturity or HTM valuations with maturity of up to five years)

Dollar Medium-Term Bond (HTM)
ALFM Dollar Bond Fund

3) Long-Term bond (FVPL over five years)

Peso Long-Term Bond
EastWest Peso Long Term Bond Fund

Dollar Long-Term Bond
Chinabank Dollar Fund (Sy-blings)

4) Balance Fund (funds in bonds and stocks)

Peso Balanced Fund
Rizal Balanced Fund

5) Equities Fund

Peso Equity Fund
AUB Equity Investment Fund (Jacinto Ng)

Dollar Equity Fund
BPI Global Equity Fund-of-Funds (Ayala)

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