Mar Roxas’ first lessons to Pepe and Pilar

The grandson of industrialist J. Amado Araneta puts safety above all when it comes to his twin babies.

With Pepe and Pilar growing so fast and more active each day, Mar Roxas and his tv journalist wife Korina Sanchez Roxas needed to teach them how to avoid accidents. Good thing Pappi Mar was able to show a cool and cute trick for his babies to follow.

“Pappi developed a system by which, hopefully, the twin babies are trained tto go down a flight of stairs the safe way — not that we ever intend for them to go down by themselves! Panigurado lang.

Super cute ng dalawa dito 😆😆” @korina said.

Good job, Pappi, Pepe and Pilar! #NanayNiPepeEnPilar is so proud! #

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